Astral Exploration and Manufacturing

First Earth Rise Taken[Image courtesy of NASA]

Our mission is to organize the world's science, develop technologies, and promote interest in science and engineering with the intent of advancing manned space flight into the solar system.

Shoulders of Giants

Just over a hundred years ago, in 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright, two bicycle crafters from Dayton Ohio, stood on a small beach in North Carolina and watched their dreams come alive as the first airplane in human history took flight. For the first time in the short history of humanity, man had left the surface of the Earth driven by his Ingenuity and Creativity. Powered flight was no longer beyond our grasp.

Sixty-six short years later, in 1969, four brave men sat in a rocket on a launch platform. Ready to again expand the once impossible horizon and set out for the Moon. Four days later, the first man in human history set foot on the Moon.

Human history is full of firsts. Acts of Bravery and Courage once thought to be impossible. We live in unprecedented times. Men and women across the globe attempt the impossible and achieve it time and time again. What once took generations, can now be done in years. The future is no longer beyond us, we've discovered that together nothing is impossible and everything is possible.

The future is determined by the character of those who make it. We must build the future we want to live in. This future is full of potential, and unlimited possibilities. It is a spectacular place. It is a place where space flights into orbit are as everyday and common as plane flight. A place where a voyages to Mars and beyond are as commonplace as a cruise to the Caribbean.

A whole universe is open to humanity and like the explorers and innovators of the past, we must stand on what our forefathers have done and reach beyond. Explorers like Columbus, the Wright Brothers, and Neil Armstrong still inspire us today because they dared to push the attempt the "impossible".

Going to space has always been for the whole of humanity. To the leaders, the critics, and the politicians of the world it’s been about prestige and power; but to the people doing it. To the engineers, the scientists, the astronauts, and the cosmonauts, it’s about exploration. It's about triumph, not for their country, but for the world as a whole. A voyage for the whole of humanity, for all the people of our pale blue dot.

Yuri Gagarin on the launch pad of the first ever manned orbital flight.

Пойдем - Yuri Gagarin (Let's go!)

Neil Armstrong as he left the relative safety of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module and set foot on the moon.

That's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind - Neil Armstrong

This organization, this family, exists to further that voyage. To push into the bold unknown not for our country, but for humanity as a whole. For the generations of scientists, engineers, and explorers that will take our places. We exist to carry on the spirit of innovation, and betterment of mankind not only in space, but here on Earth. To do our part to make life better for all peoples.

Remember when you were a kid, and everything was possible? What changed? You grew up? You "matured"? No, nothing has changed, everything is still possible with hard work, and persistence. Never ever let anyone tell you different. Because the future is far to important to leave to chance. We stand on a precipice as a people. Will the future be filled with hate, pain, war, and despair; or will we as a people, as a planet; decide to take the road less traveled and band together not only as a nation, as a tribe, or a community, but as a planet. A single human planet. Only we can decide. The future is built by the character of those who make it, and we can make it bright for everyone.

Everyone can change the small step at a time.